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How Drone Photography Can Help Sell Your Property

Selling your home is a tough gig; you have to cater to a crowd with picky tastes and first impressions are important. Drone photography can help your property stand out from the rest of the listings on the market.

A Booming Market

In 2013, there were only 34 registered drone operators registered with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. In 2015 that number skyrocketed to 220 (Facts about drones by Campaigntracks.com, 2016). UAV operators are finally getting their time to shine. Rather than using their toys for scouting, agents and homeowners are hiring drones for shots and videos worthy of the big screen.

A Different Angle

Drones take the buyer perspective off the ground and up in the air. Potential homeowners will be able to see properties from every angle and see the “lay of the land” thanks to bird’s eye views. Drones with four propellers are easy to use because they’re steadier in the air and are more manoeuvrable.

Any type of property can benefit from drone photography. If the home is in a rural location on a big parcel of land, aerial shots will benefit the seller. Pictures taken from above give potential buyers an idea of the property’s size. Homes in higher locations, like apartments, usually need decent exterior shots. Drone photography is a cheaper, easier option compared to the cost and planning required for hiring a helicopter.        

Bringing Hollywood Home

First impressions are important in any situation and property is no different. There’s even a niche market for home styling before an open house! Great cinematics and amazing imagery will boost the likelihood of a home getting more viewings online.

Real estate agents have taken some pages out of the movie director’s book, using drones to take aerial video along sunrises or sunsets to make homes appear more welcoming. Videos can tell stories about the property and the surrounding area. This benefits if the home for sale is in a location with schools, shops and public transport.

Drone photography is revving up the competition in the real estate market, making itself a useful tool. It brings different viewpoints and Hollywood-style storytelling to help properties stand out from the crowd.


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