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Matterport Goes Mobile


Virtual reality has been taken out of science fiction and put into the palms of our hands. Or more accurately, the apps on our phones. Matterport is the name on everyone’s lips when it comes to commercial 3D mapping. They’re making advancements in making virtual reality more accessible and have succeeded one download at a time.


So what have they got?

Matterport has supplied various industries with tech to make virtual tours for years. This wasn’t a consumer-friendly focus but they’ve recognised the gap they created and tried to bridge it. The company released VR for iOS and Android in late January 2017, along with Matterport Scenes on Android.


Matterport VR

This application is used as a library. The app is preloaded with 150 spaces from homes to hotels. Anyone with a 3D camera from the company can call themselves a “content contributor”. They have the option to upload their work to the public domain or a private library called Matterport Collections. This is how industry specialists, like real estate agents, showcase spaces to their clients.


For a more immersive experience, users open the Matterport Cardboard or Gear VR option on the app. A special cardboard headset or the Samsung Gear is paired and slotted together with the phone. Customers can then “dive” into the virtual space without any outside visual interference.



Image credit: We Get Around Forum



Matterport Scenes for Android

Taking measurements on paper is so stone age. Technology is catching up in this area. People need to take measurements for home projects but are in a hurry to get somewhere. This app allows users to take a few snaps of the space and calculates measurements down to the closest inch or centimetre.


There are some drawbacks to this app. The technology is very specific. It’s only useable with Android 6.0 Marshmallow technology found on the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro (for the moment exclusive to the US store). This phone is built with Google’s Tango technology, made especially for virtual reality apps.  

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