Three Ways to Net a Sale and Boost Profits on Your Property


In the competitive property market, getting noticed is difficult. You’re trying to impress a detail-oriented crowd; buyers are very specific about what they want and how they want their future home to look. For these reasons, making a first impression is key. But making your property stand out isn’t all that difficult if you know what steps to take.


Move that furniture

If your living room is feeling a little cramped it’s not license to buy new, smaller furniture. It’s just as simple turning that lounge suite on a different angle. People like walking between things, not around them. Move those chairs parallel to the door or that wardrobe to the opposite wall. Homeowners may go for a property that feels more “open” than “cosy”.


Get some cheap furnishings

If you think that your plates look a bit dull or that lamp is a bit old fashioned, it’s time to make a change. But if you know where to shop, it won’t cost you the earth. K-Mart, or St Vincent de Paul, is your friend. Charity shops are an underrated source of material.


A few fresh furnishings can change the feel of a space. Mirrors on the wall, a few extra pillows with stylish patterns or even a vase or two of flowers brightens up a room. This will boost buyer interest on open day.


Hire a property photographer

Property photographers know the best angles to shoot from and what tools to use so a home looks its best. They work hand-in-hand with their clients to advertise the home in a certain style (family home, potential couples’ apartment at dusk etc.).


Professional pictures of your home will increase your chances of netting a sale. Home buyers and investors constantly search the internet for properties. The photographer, partnered with the real estate agent, will know what “look” will get that bit of extra attention. Short films and drone videos are becoming more mainstream, along with 3D virtual tours.


The property market is a difficult one to enter when you want to sell. A few little touches and one big advertising push will ultimately pay off in a bigger profit if you play your cards right. What’s better than the feeling of selling your property? Selling your property for  a profit.

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