Virtual Tours Benefitting Sales


The internet is a massive tool in advertising homes on the market; buyers are no longer lingering outside agent windows looking at listings. Over 90% are now on the net while only 25% of listings are printed in the newspaper (Invision Studio, 2016). Virtual tours are an amazing tool to show homes to prospective buyers and ultimately net that sale. Here are some ways virtual tours sell homes.


They’re accurate

3D mapping has been used in fields like archaeology and forensics to map areas where details are important for a later date, usually for research. Powerful 3D scans map the room and are uploaded to a cloud where it can be accessed and edited.


3D cameras have their own internal lighting adjustments so no staging is required, unlike commercial photography. Scans pick up a home’s details like skirting boards and the wallpaper patterns; even the books on the coffee table (Matterport Scan Technology, 2016).


Anywhere, anytime

Buyers who live a fair distance from the listing, whether rural or overseas, can access the virtual tour once it’s embedded into the hosting website. Because of accurate scans, they can enter the home without stepping across the threshold. The amount of kilometres between them and the property would no longer be an issue.

Viewing times or open houses are no matter either since the whole listing is accessible online. Anyone can see the house any time they want when the listing is active. Investors in a different time zone or a parent sitting on the computer at midnight looking for a new family home would benefit from virtual tours.


Lots of fun

The giddiness of playing with a new toy comes at every age. Virtual tours are lots of fun to play around in, especially when people come across them for the first time. Positive impressions like this will keep the prospects coming back for more, boosting competition on the property come auction day.

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